Citations within footnotes in LaTeX

Note: This post is 10 years old. Some information may no longer be correct or even relevant. Please, keep this in mind while reading.

Writing a tutorial on programming, I needed citations within footnotes. Luckily, the biblatex package added support (see first comment on the sourceforge page of biblatex) for citations within footnotes in 2011. Apparently, this is not straightforward, since a low-level citation command has to be used to satisfy LaTeX. Anyway, this is now done automatically by thebiblatex  package, so I didn’t have to make any changes.

In my document, I only use the LaTeX command \autocite  which behavior I can define in the document preamble. In my preamble I have:


Now, with the following TeX code…

\chapter{My chapter}

This is a test\footnote{TeX is awesome \autocite[see][p. 120]{Knuth}. I agree.} for
a citation within a footnote. However, this is a citation\autocite[]{Ritchie75} in
normal text.

… you get the following output:

LaTeX citation within footnote on HTML and Kindle output
LaTeX citation within footnote on HTML and Kindle output

You will notice that footnote 2 is a citation from within the normal text. Since I’ve specified autocite=footnote  in the preamble, this is rendered as a footnote. However, the citation from within the footnote 1 is rendered in-line.